Combining American ideals with Chinese industry, our fabulous G-Team present a product design and development service like no other. Boasting an on-site laboratory, engineering department, creative teams, and shipping specialists (to name but a few), we’re experts at turning your brilliant idea into an impressive product.

Press Release

Announcing something ostensibly newsworthy

Gizmospring Presents the Next-Generation of Facial Cleansing Devices

The leading cleansing brushes currently feature hard plastic bristles that rely on friction to remove visible dirt. Abrasive and difficult to clean, these expensive devices require regular replacement heads, increase the bacterial load on the skin, and damage its natural protective layer.

Product Design and Development Firm Set to Change Crowdfunding For Good

The crowdfunding community is becoming more demanding. Gone are the days when a hastily designed prototype could generate enough interest to raise capital. Now, backers expect to take delivery of products relatively quickly.

A Recipe for Success

Let’s make your product a reality.
A typical product is born out of a genius idea or a scientific market study. In general, a great product idea is something most people NEED. Your idea either solves a common problem millions of consumers share or it is an idea that vastly improves upon an existing product. In general, a typical product idea goes thru these steps before ending up on your local store shelves:

  • It All Starts With An Idea

    “Hey, wouldn’t it be amazing if…”

  • Testing

    A quick internet search will reveal who your main competitors are.

  • The Napkin Sketch

    Now’s the time to think about how it’ll actually work.

  • Getting Started

    The best product deserves the best design team (and we know just the people!).

  • Prototype Time

    Whether it’s polished sketches, a 3D computer rendering or a physical prototype, you need something to catch investors’ eyes. That’s where we come in.

  • Raising Money

    Hitting up Venture Capitals, angel investors, and crowdfunding platforms for seed funding? You’ll need an impressive logo, professional website, packaging, and secured supply chain to go with that prototype. Yep, we do that, too.

  • Perfecting the Design

    Next, you’ll need experienced engineers to add the finishing touches and perfect your product. We’ve got quite a few of those on the Gizmo Team.


    The world is excited about your genius idea to hit the store shelves… it’s time to get it MADE. In order to do this, your product will need to go thru final engineering. Depending on how complex your product idea is, this step is crucial for your success. A professional engineering firm is necessary to complete this step.

  • Tooling and Sourcing

    This step determines the price and marketability of your whole product. Specialists source the best parts at the best price, and tooling experts make the parts unique to your product. We’ve got those experts on-staff too, as it happens.

  • Coming to Life

    You’re on the home straight! You’ll need a factory to handle manufacturing and someone you trust to carry out quality control. We’ve got both, in case you were wondering.

  • Hitting the Shelves

    It’s time to take your product to market! You’ll need a team well versed in import and export procedures, who know the best carriers, and take as much pride in your product as you. That’s us, by the way.

Bringing Great Ideas to Life

Every product requires a specialized skillset. Here at Gizmospring, our team has the expertise to bring them all to life.


    From complex problems to finessing, our engineers are on hand to tackle any issue.

  • Marketing Support

    From product photos through to advertisements and packaging, our award-winning creative designers are on hand to help turn your idea into an industry-leading brand.

  • Sourcing and Procurement

    With boots on the ground in China, the Philippines, and Korea, we are expertly placed to find you the right products at the right prices.

  • 3D Printing Prep

    You need expertly designed CAD files to make the most of 3D printing opportunities. Our team offers professional file preparation from just $495.

  • MANUFACTURING & Quality Control

    Save time and money by letting our experienced team handle manufacturing and quality control.


We’re a full-service design and development agency; there isn’t a job out there that we can’t handle!


imprinting or engraving a brand name or symbol onto a product

Packaging Design

process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

Industrial Design

design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production

Graphics Design

graphic design include identity (logos and branding), publications magazines, newspapers and books

Web Design

web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring


opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct

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